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Our Take: Marine Electronics Throughout the Years-Part 1

Marine Electronics

Over the past 20 years, Nauti-Tech has had the opportunity to work on a vast amount of marine electronic projects. Whether installing new navigation systems, troubleshooting monitoring, and control issues, or repairing an entertainment problem, our depth of experience in those areas (and beyond) has gathered tremendous amounts of knowledge on marine electronic brands. 

The best marine electronic brands are the ones that have stood the test of time and continue to innovate for future generations. These brands are well known for their advanced technology and usability. Below are three brands we have worked on for years. There are reasons why the brands below are popular in the yachting industry. This post is not a best or worst type of list. It is a reflection on three brands we have worked with and their history.


It would be difficult to meet anyone in the yacht industry that hasn’t heard of Simrad. Simrad has been a leader in marine electronics since 1946. Simrad’s origin story begins 75 years ago when Willy Simonsen co-founded Simonsen Radio AS in Norway with John Mustad. According to Maritime Reporting and Engineering News, the two men focused on building high-quality radiotelephones. 

A few years in, the company expanded into developing and producing sonars and sounders for commercial and military use. They soon became known globally for their superior technology and quality. The company changed its name to Simrad in 1957 with the opening of an office in Horten, Norway. The name is a combination of Simonsen and Radio. In addition to building one of the most iconic companies, Simonsen also dedicated his time to politically related activities that got him arrested in 1941. It’s a fascinating story available here.  Today Simrad employs thousands of people around the world. 


Min H. Kao co-founded Garmin with his business partner Gary Burrell in 1989. According to the Garmin website, Kao is “credited with the breakthrough design and engineering of the GPS software technology that formed the foundation of the original Garmin product line.” Today Garmin creates products across six categories, wearables, sports and fitness, outdoor recreation, automotive, marine, and aviation. Garmin has produced some of the most popular products in each category. The company employs more than 17,000 associates in 80 offices around the world.


Founded in 1923, Raymarine is another legacy brand known around the world. Before it became the brand we know of today, it was part of a division of the Ratheon company, a defense systems manufacturer (according to Wikipedia). The company launched with its first depth sounder. In 1958, Raytheon acquired Apelco, which allowed them to increase its product offering and market share. From Wikipedia: “In 1990 Raytheon purchased Nautech, mainly so the American-based firm could access Nautech’s extensive European distribution and sell its radars on the continent.” Nautech, not to be confused with us, was the child of Derek Fawcett, a British-born inventor, and long-time sailor. Based on the company’s historical timeline, things picked up quickly after that.

Nauti-Tech is your go-to yacht repair and marine electronics company. These are just some of the brands we have worked on throughout the years. Our technicians have years of experience replacing, installing, repairing, troubleshooting, and updating products manufactured by these brands. Reach out to us for the best marine electronics repair services in Fort Lauderdale and beyond.