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Queen Nilsa Doraliz - Case Study


Nauti-Tech, South Florida’s leading yacht services company, was hired in early 2020 to perform a partial refit, upgrade and service on the Queen Nilsa Doraliz (QND) yacht. The Queen Nilsa Doraliz is a 2001 Motor Yacht Destiny 102. Captain Charles Papa was the point person, marine consultant, and project manager.


The Problem

The Queen Nilsa Doraliz was originally sold in 2001. Throughout the following 19 years, the vessel aged into disarray. The previous owners and crew perform minimal maintenance and band-aid repairs on critical systems. Over time, the monitoring and control systems, the electrical system, the navigation, and audiovisual systems, and even the interior décor became outdated. According to Captain Charles,  the vessel was in complete disrepair. The fact that the compass for navigation and the fuel gauges were not working was only the beginning. Fixing, upgrading, and servicing the QND would be expensive and would take several months to complete.

The Turning Point

The QND was sold with all of her original (and not working) systems in 2020 to its current owners. Realizing the yacht’s full potential, the new owner decided it was time to give her the full transformation she deserved. The first step was hiring a new Captain. Captain Charles, a skilled professional, had the technical knowledge and expertise to run the vessel in its current state and oversee the project. An entirely new crew soon followed. The new owner was ready to spend upwards of half a million dollars.

The Transformation

The refit, upgrades, and service happened in stages. The project began with electronics, the first being the monitoring and control systems. To efficiently run this system, Nauti-Tech installed its proprietary system Nauti-Portal Local. Nauti-Portal Local integrates data from many sources including E-Plex, NMEA 2000 & 0183, J1939, CANbus, and Modbus. It is entirely user-configurable via local HDMI display and/pr browser interface to display all data desired. The new monitoring and control system features user interfaces, power distribution modules, machine interface modules, sensors, and software. Next, the QND underwent a mechanical upgrade of both generators and engines.

Before and After


The transformation


 QND 4



After 2After 3












Side note: The latest Side-Power zero speed stabilizer was installed allowing comfort and safety at anchor. A different company completed this upgrade while the vessel was at the Derecktor Shipyard in Fort Lauderdale.

Additional electronic upgrades include:

  • A new navigation system which includes two Simrad GPS navigation plotters.
  • New Simrad radar that extends to 72 nm.
  • A new Simrad depth finder.
  • New VHF and Antennas.
  • New Intellian TV antenna
  • Rework of the Audio Visual system
  • New Cellular/Wifi communication system
  • New Wifi distribution with 5 access points
  • New CCTV system with 4K Ip cameras and NVR

The QHD had a lot of things that needed repairing and Nauti-Tech was ready to tackle any challenges. They repaired the Passerella Gangplank and reassembled it with all new parts. 

Nauti-Tech also serviced and upgraded the bow thrusters to a more appropriate size for the vessel. Additionally, there is now 660 feet of new ¾” galvanized steel chain.

Side note: Gillen Diesel repaired, serviced, and upgraded the hydraulic steering system. The Northern Lights generators were serviced at 6000 hours as required by the manufacturer’s schedule by Gillen Diesel. The MTU main engines were at 4,350 hours.  They have now been serviced for the 4,500-hour maintenance as required by the manufacturer’s schedule.






Aesthetically Pleasing

In addition to the extensive electronic repairs and system upgrades, the QND also got a decorative makeover.

The exterior was updated with all new cushions, pillows, covers, and a  teak table. The minibar was refurbished and now features a new marble countertop. A new barbeque grill and ice maker are perfect for entertaining. To add to the fun, there are two new Sea-Doo jet skies as well. 

The interior was also improved with new creamy leather upholstery to replace the brown and beat up upholstery that was there before. The crew quarters were also redesigned and all berths have new mattresses.

Operationally, the QND has a new full-time crew of ¾ who maintain her show conditions at all times. The results as Captain Charles says are “immaculate”.

Before and After 

before 1after 4 

after 5









Total Spend: $600,000.

Beyond the Transformation

QND’s transformation was extraordinary. Nauti-Tech spent months working on the vessel to get her to where she is now. However, beyond her transformation, the ripple effects of this project, and other projects like it, have a positive impact on the industry. When owners, like the owner of QND, invest in their vessels they not only raise the value of their property, they also create jobs for yacht services providers and their technicians. And when yacht services providers like Nauti-Tech continue to put forth their best work, everyone wins. 


Additional images


after 6


compassnauti engine room


engine room 3