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Three Common Yacht Repairs and what to Look out for


Yachts, like cars, require regular maintenance in order to be ready for your well-deserved vacation, operate at peak performance, and ensure safety for everyone on board. Regular maintenance also allows you to catch problems before they become more serious, costly, and difficult to fix. Catching a problem early is always preferred and by understanding some of the most common areas where problems can arise, you will be less likely caught off guard. We created a list of three common areas on a yacht that is most likely to need repairs whether you have a small yacht or a superyacht.

Electrical Systems

Electrical system repairs are one of the most common repairs on yachts today. Electrical issues can range from battery issues, to loose connections, to faulty wire terminations, and interior and exterior lighting problems. Power outages, unprotected hot terminals, water intrusion, faulty components, low or high dock voltage, voltage spikes, and glitchy onboard systems are just a few signs you are having electrical systems issues. 

Electrical System

Gangways, Doors & Davits

Gangways, doors, and davits are used often and thus are susceptible to damage. Gangways, especially on larger yachts are critical to ensure the safety of everyone on board. Servicing the onboard hydraulic systems, replacing old hardware, and keeping logic controller systems current are to keeping gangways, doors and davits in good shape. Remember to also keep an eye on sensors, power packs, bushings and bearings, wiring and hoses, valves and manifolds. The Nauti-Tech team is a leader in the specialization of European gangways, doors, and davits.


Control And Monitoring Systems

A yacht’s control and monitoring systems are critical when it comes to your yacht’s overall operations. From monitoring fuel consumption, system health, power consumption, and temperature, your yacht’s control and monitoring should always be in peak shape. Unfortunately, control and monitoring systems can fall victim to outdated software because of fast advancing technologies. Electronically connecting your engines, generators, lighting, HVAC, audio/ video, and other equipment will provide seamless monitoring and control to increase system functionality and catch any new issues early. 

Failure points: 

  • communication between components sensors
  • logic controllers
  • HMI (human-machine interface) 
  • software glitches, and hardware failure
  • lightning strikes
Monitoring and Control

There is no project we can’t tackle even if you have the biggest yacht in the world. We are here for you. If you are interested in learning more about our marine electronic expertise, our yacht maintenance services or need a consultation, please give us a call. We would love to hear from you!